MACLEANS® kids’ toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes are helping kids’ teeth to grow up strong.

Milk teeth are cute but they are also vulnerable, so as your kid’s first little tooth pops through, let the brushing begin, because good tooth-brushing habits can’t happen soon enough.

Like grown-up teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day to keep them strong and healthy. However the enamel in baby teeth is 50% thinner than that of grown-ups so needs special care.

MACLEANS® Little Teeth and My Big Teeth toothpastes provide special care through Sugar Acid Protection to strengthen and actively defend little teeth against cavity-causing sugars. They've also got a child friendly taste, which helps.

Download our NEW all-singing, all-dancing, new brush time app

Making any child brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes can be hard. So let Captain Macleans and the Nurdles entertain your kids for the duration with catchy songs and dances whilst showing them a fun and appropriate way to brush. You can even use your own tunes!


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More easy ways to make brushing your child’s teeth fun

Having fun is the key to helping your child enjoy taking care of their teeth.

Tip 1: Getting your child to pretend to be a hippo or lion encourages a nice wide-open mouth for brushing!

Tip 2: Losing teeth and having gaps can be difficult for a child to cope with, so get the tooth fairy to work her fun magic.

Tip 3: Download our free, fun app that encourages brushing for the full two minutes (the recommended time by experts).